The only qualification for membership is that one actually be involved, at the present time, as a labour arbitrator in Ontario - that is, a neutral single arbitrator or chair of boards of arbitration. Membership is not open to aspiring arbitrators, nor to those who serve as nominee of a party on boards of arbitration.

Someone whose name is not on the Ontario Ministry of Labour list of approved arbitrators would have to provide other evidence of current activity as a neutral arbitrator in order to be offered membership. Proof of 5 consensual appointments as a labour arbitrator from different parties in Ontario in the past year, current appointment to the Ontario Labour Relations Board, the Ontario Crown Employees Grievance Settlement Board or the Public Service Labour Relations Board and based in Ontario, or successful completion of the Ontario Ministry of Labour's Arbitrator Development Program will ordinarily be accepted as evidence of current activity as a neutral arbitrator.

Inquiries about membership should be addressed to the President at